Ostiglia 7244

The exhibition spaces of the museum host remains of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Renaissance periods, from the collections donated by Don Giuseppe Greggiati and the notary Renato Gemma, to which have been added some finds from Bronze Age burials and cremations excavated by the Archaeological Superintendency of Lombardy in the Vallona area in the eighties.

Complementing the exhibition of finds are explanatory panels that illustrate and frame the prehistoric, protohistoric and historic phases of the settlement of the lower Po plain. The first room hosts materials from the Middle and Late Bronze Age, relating to Terramare and pile-dwelling civilizations and grouped according to material and functional criteria, such as ceramics, bronze weapons, bone and horn tools, spindle whorls and loom weights, lithic tools, etc. The display cabinets contain models representing tombs and everyday life. In the second room are various objects from the Iron Age relating both to Etruscan and Paleo-Veneta civilizations and a rich collection of Roman finds from when Hostilia enjoyed considerable prosperity due to its role as a port of call on the river Po, right at the point where the Claudia Augusta Road, coming from the Danube, descended the Adige valley and passed over the Po River to arrive at the eighth Regio Augusta. The Roman artefacts, comprising amphorae, fine ceramics, ointment jars and coins, along with the remains of a well and bricks of various shapes, help reconstruct the history and characteristics of the Roman settlement. A third large space is reserved for educational activities and temporary exhibitions of archaeological finds periodically unearthed by members of the Ostigliese Archaeological Group and by the Archaeological Superintendency, both of which, from time to time, make them available for display in the museum. Also in this room are two cabinets that contain Padana etched ceramics and Faenza majolica found around the town or on the bed of the Po River.

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